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About Me

I am an LGBTQ+ rope artist and shibari educator currently based in Bristol. Shibari is the Japanese erotic art of rope bondage, simply meaning "to tie". I teach private lessons, deliver workshops and create performances aiming to empower others to explore intimacy and self-expression using rope as the tool, the body as the canvas.

I have professional training in theatre, circus and contemporary dance, and my experience in this field shapes my approach to ropes and style. Dynamic, playful and attentive, I am endlessly curious about people and thrive on the intensities - physical and psychological - that rope can bring out. Sexuality, creativity, movement, control, aesthetics, emotional expression and physical storytelling... These are my current lines of exploration. I both tie, get tied and self-tie.

I started learning shibari in 2016 through the BDSM scene, and spent a lot of my time at Anatomie Studio in London, the UK's first dedicated shibari studio. I have had the privilege of learning from a range of international educators and collaborators, and am always looking to develop and deepen my skills, understanding and inspiration. I am currently most inspired by blending the intensity and aesthetics of 'classical' Japanese shibari with a more movement-based and deconstructed 'contemporary' style.

I teach and perform primarily with my rope partner Spring Tide, which has taken us across the UK, Europe and North America. I am hugely grateful for the journey that Shibari has taken me on, and am passionate about creating spaces for people to explore and witness this beautiful and versatile practice.